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who we are 

We are passionate about people and we are passionate about what we do. Each client is a new experience for us, and that’s because we go beyond the surface and really get to know our clients.

We’ll create a customised insurance plan that works with your budget, is flexible, and covers your specific life situation. 


Nicola Louise Wadey (Nicky)

Financial Advice Provider

I joined the insurance industry in 1989, and am currently a Senior Adviser giving advice on all personal and business risk insurances. My passion for insurance and helping people has resulted in dealing with a loyal and strong group of clients from all walks of life.

I hold various memberships and adhere to all practice standards and the code of ethics for each group. I have completed Level 5 National Certificate - NZQA qualification as a Registered Financial Adviser in line with the industry regulation and the Financial Advisers Act which came into force 1st July 2011.

I take my role seriously and will always ensure all my clients have every bit of cover they need and nothing they don't. 

I am a social chameleon and love working with lots of different people to help protect their worlds and everyone and everything in it!


FSP: 34162

FAP License No: NFT200228923 

Phone: 021 905 658



Aronda Thorburn

Office Manager

After working for two of New Zealand's leading insurers in Claims and Management, I accepted the position with Nicola Wadey in 2013, as I felt it was time to move away from the corporate sector. 

I have 10 years of Claims experience and 5 years of Management experience, which I believe has helped me transition into my current position as Office Manager and Personal Assistant to Nicky. 

My Passion sits with Claims, which can be one of the most vulnerable times in our clients' lives. I believe we play an important advocacy role on behalf of our clients should you ever need to claim against your covers. It is our role to provide you with peace of mind. 

At claim time we help manage the process for you and help deal with the insurance company. Once a claim has been accepted we will follow through with all parties to ensure timely payment is made, keeping you fully informed along the way.

It is our promise to take care of you when you most need us - at claim time - it's why we are here. 

Phone: 09 950 9501


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