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are you protecting your physical assets?

your home

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are you protecting your business assets?

professional indemnity

public liability

statutory liability

employers liability

commercial motor vehicles

material damage

business interruption

directors and officers

Protects your legal liability arising from making your professional mistake which results in a client suffering a financial loss. Including costs for defending claims again you.

Protects your legal liability to pay damages to other people who have suffered personal injury or property damage as a result of your business activities.  Including costs for defending claims against you.

Cover for your legal defense if you are prosecuted for an unintentional breach of an insured Act of Parliament. If convicted, this will also cover your fines – with the exception of Health and Safety in Employment Act fines.

If your employees suffer an injury that is not covered under ACC, they are able to bring a case against you under Common Law. This insurance provides for defense costs and any settlement arising from such cases.

Cover for your motor vehicles when they are being used for business purposes.

The physical assets of your business can be insured for accidental sudden loss or damage. It is usual that the insurance is on a replacement basis.

Loss of insurance Gross Profit or Extra Costs incurred, which arise as a result of an interruption to your business – following a claim on your Material Damage Insurance policy.

Provides protection to directors & officers for their legal liability arising from carrying out their duties as a company director or officer.

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