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i have had insurance with nicky for 7 years now,,, and was not something i ever took seriously always thought wat a waste of money probably never use it,, and i didnt for 6 years,, untill last august wen i broke my leg in 8 places,,, i thought i was in shit street ,, and i was   ,,, mortgage to pay a rather big one and a bussiness to run that can only be run by me as i wk alone,,,, i went into deep depression to the point of dr sending me to councilling,,, i called nicki and aronda to see if i had any cover as my lay off was looking at close to 12 months,,, they got back to me in 30 min and told me yess i,mm very covered dont panic we will get the ball rolling to activate ur cover,,,,i was stressed to no end ,,, not knowing if i would have to sell the farm ,,, lucky 4 me nicki pushed for a meeting to review my cover 12 months earlier and made some changes to my policy as life situations change from time to time,,, and i was more than covered ,, had i not had  the meeting,, and nicki not requesting a review of my cover,,which is in her own time ,,, i would have missed out on the appropriate cover i needed and would without a doubt have to sell up ,,, i hate to think were i would be now if it was not 4 nicki and her amazing team in the office (Aronda U Rock)… and they did all the work 4 me,,, love u girls..  i now realise it is not a matter of being able to afford insurance ,, but u cant afford to be without it,,,   

Luke Pertab

When you hear “you may have cancer and it needs to be urgently removed”, I was glad for at least two things. First was good medical insurance to pay for the quickest and best treatment. Second was having an insurance broker who could facilitate this process as efficiently and effectively as possible. Fortunately, I had both of these thanks to Nicky Wadey Financial Services.


If it were not for Nicky, and her more than capable assistant Aronda, who knows where my illness could have ended up. In the end, I had a great outcome and while this process was definitely traumatic, Nicky & Aronda made it as simple and bearable as possible.  I cannot praise them enough. They were both fantastically supportive and encouraging throughout.


I thoroughly recommend Nicky Wadey Financial Services to anyone in need of such assistance. When times were tough, they certainly came through for me.

Dr. Peter McGhee, Senior Lecturer, 
Auckland University of Technology

I’ve been looked after by Nicola Wadey since 2013 and she has provided a very excellent service, which is tailored to my needs and makes it a very smooth and easy process. I’ve recommended her to a few people and they also have the same views as me.

Martin Purcell

our promise

‘As your advisers, Nichola Wadey Financial Services play an important advocacy role on your behalf should you ever need to claim against your covers. It is our role to provide you with peace of mind.


At claim time we will help manage the process for you and help deal with the insurance company. Once a claim has been accepted we will follow through with all parties to ensure timely payment is made, keeping you fully informed along the way.

It is our promise to take care of you when you most need us – at claim time – it’s why we are here.’

Nicky Wadey, Director, Nichola Wadey Financial Services Limited
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